Orodromeus makelai - The "Mountain Runner" Orodromeus makelai "Mountain Runner" may not be one of the most iconic dinosaurs, and it's not one that paleontologists have done a lot of research on, but it's certainly a dinosaur worth talking about. Because the more we know about dinosaurs, the more we know about how they lived, […]

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Garudimimus brevipes - "Garuda mimic" A Garuda, is a large bird-like mythical creature from Hindu and Buddhist mythology.Brevipes means "short foot". As far as paleontologists know, only one fossil of Garudimimus brevipes has been discovered. Although it was suspected that some other fossils belonged to this dinosaur, this was not confirmed. Despite the limited number […]

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Saurornithoides mongoliensis, the "Bird-Like Lizard' Description Saurornithoides was a dinosaur about 2 to three and a half meters long and weighing about 35 to 45 kg. Fossils of this dinosaur were found in Mongolia and Tajikistan. Its name means something like "bird-like lizard". It lived during the Upper Cretaceous from about 80.6 to 72 million […]

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