Dinosaurs With Weapons For Self Defense - A Comprehensive Collection

They were not squeamish.
This is our one stop shop for our content. Here you'll find all the latest published information on dinosaurs with weapons for self-defense. From horns to spikes to tail clubs, we've gathered everything you need to know about dinosaur self-defense.
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You Were Not Defenseless

There is an old saying that "the pen is mightier than the sword," but what about dinosaurs? The fact is that while many dinosaurs were herbivores, they were also equipped with a variety of weapons for protection. These included horns, claws, and spikes, as well as the ability to run fast or kick hard. And while carnivores like Tyrannosaurus Rex were fearsome, their prey had some clever tricks up their sleeves, too.

Dinos with Horns

Some dinosaurs had horns on their heads or noses, and many of these horns were used for defense. Other dinosaurs also had ornamental horns that were used during mating season.
Dinos with Horns
Schwanzkeule von Ankylosaurus

Dinos with a Tail Club

Detailed analysis of the tail club of some dinosaurs has shown that it could inflict considerable damage on predators, despite the relatively small size of the bony tip of the club.
Dinos with  Tail Club
Amargasaurus Skelett

Dinosaur with Spikes

They had large spikes that helped them protect themselves from predators. Scientists believe that they served for display, communication or defense against predators.
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